Wod 23/11

Toe to bar practice for 10 min
Focus on a controlled kip and especially the backward movement.
Min 0-6: 80 calorie row
Min 6-12: 50 Wallballs 9/6kg + 25 pullups
Min 12-18: 21 Box jumps + 15 burpees + 9 burpee boxjumps
Min 18-24: 30 Power clean 50/35kg + 30 lateral barjumps
Your score is combined time from the four workouts
L1: High boxes, 60/43kg
L2: RX
L3: 6/4kg wallballs, 10 pullups, boxwalks, 40/30kg power clean
L4: 60 cals row, 6/4kg wallballs, ring row, low boxwalks, 30720kg power clean   
CF Basic
Power Clean
To think about:
Start from hang above knees and find the timing in the movement, from hang to rack.
From hang, open up hip, move shoulders up, elbows up and out before pulling yourself under the barbell.
When catching the bar in rack, have both feet’s planted to the ground, no tiptoeing.
Elbows high and a strong core.
Maintain a close to the body relationship with the barbell, both up and down.
After 5-10 min, start with the barbell under the knees.
If the movement feel good, go ahead and add some weight.
Work in pair of 2-3
Amrap 10 min
20 Power clean 20/15kg
10 AB-mat situps
10 Wallballs 6/4kg
Team option:
Team of 2
One work, one rest
Team of 3
Relay. First person start to work on power cleans, when he/she is done and move over to sit ups person number 2 start working on power cleans. (följa john) You may not pass the person ahead of you, wait until they are done before starting on that same movement.

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