Wod 22/8

Every 2,5 min or 25 min
4 Snatches
15m Sled push, ends at minute 20.
Start snatches at a weight you can snatch anyhow 10 times unbroken, then increase weight with 5kg each round as long form is perfect.
For the sled push use 2 sleds outside on the sun terrace.  One with a total of 80kg and one with 110kg.
AMRAP 6 min
3 Hang Power Snatches 35/25kg
3 Overhead lunges 
6 Pull ups 
L1: 45/32,5kg, chest to bar pull ups
L2: RX
L3: 20/10kg frontrack lunges, ring row instead of pull ups
L4: Dumbbell snatch, dumbbell Lunge, ring rows

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