Wod 6/7

12 min EMOM
First 4 Minutes: 4 Snatches every minute
Second 4 Minutes: 3 Snatches
Third 4 Minutes: 2 Snatches
Start with 60% and increase weight 1-5kg after every fourth round 
3 Rounds (1:00 at each station, no transition time)
Hang power snatches 30/20kg (just above knee)
Slamballs 16/12kg
Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg (Russian swing)
Ring OR Bar dips
L1: 40/30kg snatch, 35/20kg slamballs, 28/20kg kb
L2: RX
L3: 20/15kg snatches, 10/6kg slamballs, 16/8kg kettle bell, dips from a box
L4: Dumbbell snatch, 12/6kg, 6kg slamball, 12/6kg kettle bell, knee push ups instead of dips

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