Wod 21/9

Muscle up transitions 5-10 min
Push jerks
Take 12 mins to find a heavy Push Jerk for the day
Total time 14min
Against a 5:00 clock 
800m run
3 Muscle-ups or 8 MU transitions
20 Double unders
1:00 rest 
Against a 4:00 clock 
500m run
2 Muscle-ups or 6 MU transitions
30 Double unders
1:00 Rest 
Against a 3:00 clock 
300m run
1 Muscle-ups or 4 MU transitions
40 Double unders
Score=Time left over between the rounds 
L1: MU 4-3-2
L2: RX
L3: MU 4-3-2 transitions, DU attempts + singles
L4: Ring Rows 10-8-6, Single unders
CF Basic
Ring row / Pull ups
Start with ring row. Hold a straight line with your body, pull yourself into the rings, let your shoulder blades meet.
Try strict, banded and jumping.
Play with this movements for 10-15 min
Kettle bell swing
Lagom: Goblet over shoulders
Russian: Goblet over head
Practice the movements with different weights for 5-10 min
The power is in your hip
In teams of 2
Amrap 10 min
20 Wallballs 6/4kg
20 Kettlebell swing, lagom, 16/12kg
10 Ring row
Share the reps anyhow
Rest 2 min
6 min max calorie row
Share anyway you like.

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