Wod 3/7

Every 2 minute for 20 min (10 rounds)
2-4 Clean and jerk, start at 50% and increase weight each round if form allows
4-10 strict pull up, scale to ring row then banded pull up
4 Intervals 2 min work, 2 min rest
15 Lateral burpee over bar
10 Shoulder to overhead 50/35kg
AMRAP: Double unders
Score= Double unders
L1: 65/45kg
L2: RX
L3: 10 burpee, 8 Shoulder to overhead, 43/30kg, double under attempts
L4: 10 Burpee, 8 shoulder to overhead with dumbbells of choice, single unders
10 EMOM (every minute on the minute)
1 power clean with 10kg, 15 kg or 20kg barbell
4 Frontsquat
4 Hanging shoulder shrugs
In teams of 2-3, only one working, share anyhow TC 10 min
50 Frontsquats with barbell
40 Bar/ring row
30 Push ups
20 Sit-ups together with feet looked
10 Burpee to target
Scale push ups to knee push ups, then with abmat under chest

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