Wod 7/9

EMOM 12 min (6 rounds)
2 touch and go cleans anyhow
Increase weight between 1-5kg every 2 min
Start 50% of max
Beginner start at 30/20kg doing 4-6 reps each round and increase 1-2,5kg
3 rounds for time
10 Pull ups
5 Burpee box overs low boxes for all, games standard (hands and feets touching the box)
10 Cleans 52/38kg
Rest 1 min between rounds
L1: 70/50kg, chest to bars
L2: RX
L3: 40/30kg, ring rows
L4: 25/15kg, ring rows
CF Basic
Strict press. Movement
Push press. Movement and speed  
Push jerk. Movement, speed and coordination
Begin with the stick and go through the 3 movements
Then procced with barbell and go through the 3 movements
From rack:
Complex with barbell
3 strict press
2 push press
1 push jerk
Its okey to increase a tiny bit if form is good.
Main focus in core stability.
Breath in and tighten the core before pressing.
Elbows pointing down on the floor about 1m in front of you.
Lift straight up, the barbell should be over your head and shoulders.
Imagine that you are lifting heavier than you are and you should be fine.
In teams of 2, share anyhow if nothing else is stated
As long as you can in 10 min
40 Push press, 20/15kg (from floor)
40 Wallballs over rigg 6/4kg (throw the ball over to your buddie)
40 Situps with hand clap, feet locked to your buddie
40 Push press, 20/15kg (from floor)

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