Wod 6/12

5 laps run (one time)
3 rounds for quality
6 Wall squat
8 Goblet squat
10 Air squats
10 Hanging shrugs
10 Hollow rock
10 Band rows (sit på marken med raka ben, sätt gummiband under fötterna och dra som på en roddmaskin)
Build up to a heavy squat clean in 20 min
Rope climb practice
Every 2 minutes for as long as possible complete:
From 0:00-2:00
   2 rope climbs
   2 front squats 50/35kg BG: 40/25kg Elite: 60/40kg
From 2:00-4:00
   2 rope climbs
   3 front squats
From 4:00-6:00
   2 rope climbs
   4 front squats
Continue adding 1 reps to the front squat each interval for as long as you are able.
Scale to 1 rope climb- half rope climb. Beginner: Laying on floor to standing rope climb
Squat clean is ok

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