Wod 21/5

Team wod
Herowod “Riley”
2.4k run
150 Burpees
2.4k run
If you have a vest, use it. 10/7kg
Share the running equal, ex 4x600m or 6x400m. one run one rest.
Synced burpees
After completion both athletes does “Randy” synced.
Herowod “Randy”
75 Power snatch 36/25kg
Start every rep below knee.
L1: RX
L2: 2000m run, 130 synced burpees
L3: 1600m run, 100 synced burpees, 30/20kg power snatch
L4: 1200m run, 100 synced burpees, 20/15kg power snatch

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