Wod 12/7

Loaded Carries outside
10min without putting Kettlebell down
Start with one arm: rotate through Brief Case KB Carry, KB Front Rack Carry, and Overhead carry. Walk around 10-15m before you switch. Once one has rotated through the 3, switch to the other arm in the same rotation.
Front Squats
5 at 65%
5 at 80%
5 at 70%
5 at 85%
5 at 75%
12min AMRAP with a Partner
1 person works on Wallballs 9/6kg
1 person works on lunges 20m
Switch when Lunging partner returns from 20m
Before the switch complete 30 double unders
Score= Wallballs 
L1: 30 unbroken double unders
L2: Rx
L3: 10 double unders
L4: 6/4kg Wallball, 30 single unders

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