Wod 5/9

Squat snatch practice
OR power snatch for beginners
Use only barbell, no weights
EMOM 40 min
Squat snatch
1 or 2 reps every minute until 10 min
1 or 2 rep every other minute from 12-40 min
Start with barbell and increase the weight every minute
When you fail a lift, stay on that weight until you have 2 successful lifts, then increase weight again
L2: RX
L3: Power snatch + overhead squat
L4: Power snatch
CF Basic
Front squat from rack
Practice airsquat first
Start with only barbell doing 10 reps 2 rounds
Continue with 8 reps, resting 1-3 min between sets. Add weight if form allows, 1-5kg
Key pointers!
Breath in, hold and tighten your sixpack!
Start the movement with the hip, move it back a little bit then sit down with a straight back.
Keep elbows high, chest up!
Knees moves over the feet or slightly outside.
10 min AMRAP
10 Frontsquat from floor 20/15k-30/20kg
5 Push ups
5 Ring rows (OR bar row on pull ups bar)
Team option
In teams of 2
You go I go, one round each for 10 min
In teams of 3
You go I go the other one goes. One working through one round, one resting and one rowing
After nr 1 is done with the round he/she switch with the rower. The one whos been resting starts doing frontsquats. And the one that has been rowing rests.
Score is rounds and calories on rower.

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