Wod 6/10

No skill, prepare for metcon
In teams of 2
Twisted mania
AMRAP 15 min
10 pull ups*
20 Snatch 40/30
30 Front squat 40/30
*The one athlete doing the pull ups must first do a 5meter handstand walk to a wall. Same athlete must do all pull ups and the same handstand walk back. The barbell movements is shared anyhow
Scale this to: 10 Handstand push ups then- 10 HSPU from box then- hand release push ups
Pulls to banded pull ups then- jumping pull ups
Rest 5 min and reset for
In 15 min complete
Share any how
40 Deadlift 70/50kg
60 Wallball 9/6kg
30 Deadlift 90/65kg
50 Wallball 9/6kg
20 Deadlift 110/75kg
Max Wallball 9/6kg
The resting athlete is standing 9-10m away from the one working, tag to switch.

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