Wod 9/8

Handstand push ups
Practice the kick with legs and feet upwards. Kick hard and extend the arms, push palms of the hands into the floor.
Don’t do to many attempts
In teams of 2, share anyhow
4 rounds
1000 meter row
15 Handstand push-ups
2 Rope climb “double-up”, one each.
A “double-up” is a two-round trip from seated with only “touch-and-go” between ascents. Start seated and pull yourself up, use feet on rope when you can. Just tip one foot on the floor on the decent and then start to climb up again.
L1: Parallette handstand push ups
L2: RX
L3: Handstand push ups from box, 2 regular rope climbs
L4: Scake HSPU to Push ups and rope climb to 2*30 sec deadhang

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