Wod 14/5

Warm up and set up for the metcon
Go through the movements and the different alternatives.
Work up some weight on barbell movements
Hero wod “Bull”
2 rounds of
200 Double unders
50 Overheadsquat 61/43kg
50 Pull ups
1600m run
L1: in teams of 2, both doing D.U at the same time, sharing the reps 50/50, both run together.
L2: As L1, sharing 200 double unders, 43/30kg
L3: As L1, sharing 100 double unders, running 1200m 30/20kg, banded pull ups
L4: As L1, both doing 200 single unders at the same time, gobletsquat 16/8kg, jumping pull ups, run 800m

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