Wod 14/9

Prepare for metcon
For time
The Don TC 40-45 min depending on time left for class
66 Deadlift 50/32kg
66 Box jumps
66 Kettle bell swing 20/16kg
66 Knees to elbows
66 Sit ups
66 Pull ups
66 Thrusters 25/18kg
66 Wallballs 9/6kg
66 Burpees
66 Double unders
L1: -
L2: RX
L3: 44 reps of everything, ring rows instead of pull ups, single unders, hanging knee raises
L4: As L3 and 33 reps of everything, airsquats instead of thrusters, 6/4kg wallballs
CF Basic
Overhead squat
Start with stick
Hold the stick or barbell with straight arms so wide in grip that the stick rests right in your hip crease when standing tall.
Hold the stick over your head, in the center of your body
Start moving down beginning with your hip moving back then sit down
During the whole movement the armpits should be facing forward and your back is in neutral position (Straight) as soon you lose either of those stop and move up again.
When moving down knees should be tracing over the feets och slightly outside the feets.
Never do this movement on your toes. If so elevate your heals with a aid.
Key is strong core and straight arms
Work with this movement for 15-20 min working 5-10 reps each set
If you get a ok from the coach you can progress to a barbell.
EMOM 14 min
In teams of 2 every other minute do
3 Overhead squat with stick or barbell
5 Box jump overs OR walk overs
7 Wallballs 6/4kg
When the first minute start team member nr1 does one round, or as far as possible durnign that minute. Next minute nr2 does the same thing. Seven rounds each.

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